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Tom Wurl

Tom Wurl

New York, NY


I am a photographer working out of New York City. I have worked in a variety of photo disciplines, and I have done some professional work as a cinematographer. I find working with photo images to be great fun, Sometimes, I enjoy manipulating images to make the visuals more exciting and stimulating. I work in a variety of styles, so I will upload many different kinds of images.


Content Golden Lion King Tom Wurl


The Grand Canal Venice Tom Wurl


Harvard Boat House Sunrise Tom Wurl


Tiber River Rome at Sunset Tom Wurl


Passau Promenade Early Morning


Three Zebras Feeding With Ostrich


Zebras and Wildebeest Grazing Tom Wurl


African Hawk Eagle


Leopard Cub Gaze


Roller Bird Stare


Seven Stately Giraffes


Leopard Gaze Termite Hill


African Fish Eagle in Flight


Ngorongoro Caldera Tom Wurl


Wild Dog Excitement


A Lion Talks


Cheetah Stare Termite Hill


Impala Speed Burst


Great Mane Relaxed Lion


Golden Cheetah At Sunset


Cheetah Cub Looking Your Way


Passion Flower Triptych


Skating Fantasy Wollman Rink New York City


Pair of Swallow Tailed African Bee Eaters


Venice Bridge over a Small Canal.